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Baroness Gould ~ a champion for inter-professional sexual health practice and education

Dr Gould and team

For those of us working in various clinical and educational specialities of sexual health, the name of Baroness Joyce Gould is synonymous with a champion – our champion!  Her record as staunch promoter of gender equality, as well as sexual and reproductive rights, is second to none.  In 2011, I was fortunate to have nominated her for an honorary doctorate (HonDUNiv) of the University of Greenwich.  This is what the University press page said of her at the time:


Prof Meerabeu EulogyThe Eulogy, the good words spoken about Joyce, were delivered by the outgoing Dean of the School of Health and Social Care, Prof Elizabether Meerabeau, followed by the acceptance speech by the Baroness herself.

Click these two images to see the videos of the speeches in full, a testimony to the passion, concern and care for sexual health by this amazing person.Baroness Gould Acceptance

To read about Joyce, in her own words, here’s a link to her autobiography: Witchfinder General.  Amongst many other roles and honours, Baroness Gould is co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health (@APPGSRH).

VC Baroness Prof and Me


Dr Kathy French, Nurse, HonFFSRH

Kathy French, RN, BSc(Hons), PGCE/RNT, MPhil, PhD, HonFFSRH


For well over four decades, Dr Kathy French’s name has become synonymous with that of a tireless champion, advancing the expertise of clinical and educational nursing practice for the improvement of sexual and reproductive client healthcare.

A testimony to Kathy French’s inspirational work and leadership is easy to find.  Go to any conference on sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and invariably one meets nursing and medical practitioners who will say how she changed the direction of their lives!  So many professionals work in SRH services because of her inspirational role modelling; so many have improved clinical practice because of her advocacy.  She has led on some Royal College of Nursing Guidelines for Nursing Staff; she was first non-medical Clinical Director of Brook UK and lead on the development of clinical and educational standards for nurses, for former NHS London Sexual Health Programme (2012) and the pan-London NHS Patient Group Directions (on methods of contraception).

Kathy’s leadership roles as a Professional Nurse Advisor with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) saw her championing sexual and reproductive health, including abortion care, across the UK and Northern Ireland.  She is fearless in the face of entrenched stigma, for example, in her defence of women experiencing abortions.  Her leadership for the development of Patient Group Directions (PGDs) is improving the lives of women accessing contraception and she was one of only two leading nursing voices at the UK Government’s Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health (2001-2010).  She continues to play a significant role in the current All Party Parliamentary Group on SRH.

During her years at the RCN Kathy improved client care especially via her authorship of various national guidelines, e.g. on long acting contraception, SRH competencies, across a range of nurse educational initiatives, and through the publication of her book, Sexual Health – Essential clinical Skills for Nurses (2009).

Kathy’s innovations are too numerous to list here, so three examples are presented:

1) breaking down multi-professional barriers against talking about abortion care;

2) promoting education for practice that proactively develops services via the professional role of the nurse;

3) publically addressing the stigmas of abortion and getting it on professional clinical, managerial and educational agendas.

Dr Kathy French

She was also innovative on the subject matter of her doctoral theses (PhD 2009), when she gave voice to redress “The invisibility of young black heterosexual men in sexual health discourses”, especially on their experiences of fatherhood (City University London).

Kathy is recognised by multi-professional peers in the way she is frequently sought after to be a judge for various national awards, receiving one herself, from a medical Faculty, when she became an Honorary Fellow of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health, in 2013.


Dr French’s positive impact on safety is also linked with patient advocacy, supported by her MPhil studies (2006) in medical law and ethics.  She sits on a London Ethics Committee and is an expert witness, usually at the request of senior medical practitioners, for legal firms dealing in cases relating to sexual health.  Kathy’s sustained commitment to the nursing profession, especially the SRH specialities, spans the late 1960s to date, and shows no sign of abating.  She has made clear break-throughs in her professional life, as witnessed by a strengthening of the clinical, educational and managerial roles of nurses across all aspects of SRH.  In 2008 she, as an expert nurse, gave evidence to a House of Commons Select Committee on abortion.

House of Lords - 1 May 2012-07

(Rt-Lt) Baroness (Dr) Gould, Dr French, Dr Evans, in the House of Lords, 2012

Some of her other notable achievements: authoring a range of articles in nursing and medical journals; co-authoring Sexual Health Skills (formerly RCN, now University of Greenwich), the UK’s widest accessed sexual health course for nurses, and presenting and chairing at a large number of conferences in the UK and abroad (including Bangkok, Copenhagen and Murcia). She has also promoted sexual and reproductive healthcare across a range of media including television.

Dr French has taken a lead on advancing nursing career roles with commensurate graduate and post graduate education, for NHS London Sexual Health Programme, gaining respect from clinicians and educationalists alike.  At one and the same time, Dr Kathy French, HonFFSRH, manages being a nurse, educationalist, academic, extensive charity worker and genuine multi-professional leader whilst helping advance contraceptive rights for women and men, enhancing and promoting the professional role and skills of nurses.

To my dearest friend Kathy – aka “Matron” – ad moltos annos!

(To many more years!)

Raising the standard for sexual health and nursing

There are a few pages in this series, hopefully for ever growing, dedicated to friends whom I have been fortunate enough to know in life.  But more than that, they are friends who have made outstanding contributions to sexual health / nursing.  Their greatness shines through anyway, but I have been doubly honoured for having played a role in nominating them for some form of recognition for all the amazing work they do for sexual health and / or for nursing.

Matrons outside the DH - 27 Mar 2012

Kathy, Colin and David – “Matrons”, as we liked to call each other – after a meeting at the Department of Health, Whitehall (2012)

The first such page I wrote was on Colin Roberts, whom I successfully nominated for a Fellowship of the Royal College of Nursing (FRCN).  For Baroness Gould of Potternewton, my nomination was for her profound contribution to promoting inter-profesional sexual health in the UK.  The nomination resulted in her being awarded an honorary doctorate of the University of Greenwich (HonDUniv).  And for Dr Kathy French, another outstanding sexual health nurse, I was happy to be  “instrumental”, a behind-the-scenes role, in her achievement of an Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (HonFFSRH).

Read their stories here – and be inspired!

Finalist: Vice-Chancellor’s Awards 2016

VC's awards news - 2016

On 19th July 2016, 31 years to the day after graduating from the University of Kent at Canterbury, in the Cathedral, and 5 years to the day since achieving the professional doctorate in education (EdD) from the University of Greenwich, I was both humbled and honoured to be the recipient of a student nomination, and a finalist – one of two runners-up – for ‘Staff of the Year’ award.

BA Hons Graduation - 19 July 1985

BA (Hons) Theology

19 July 1985

The formal news briefing, the next day, said “Dr Evans has demonstrated a great ability to encourage his students to think reflectively and critically, skills which have proved invaluable when entering the workplace”.  The individual who nominated me, a 3rd year mental health student, said it this way:

Dear Vice Chancellor, I would like to nominate Dr David Evans as the lecturer deserving of this years award.

I am a Mental Health Nurse student who has had a life and career changing experience whilst being taught by Dr Evans.

I was born and raised in Uganda. Typically, (read about Uganda) I had classed my self as homophobic and it was socially acceptable, besides I do practice my Christian faith, which again abhors that lifestyle. As a nurse on my first placement, I still had these feelings of dislike for gay/lesbian people. I had a bias in my care and somehow, felt less empathy or accommodating towards gay or lesbian people’s needs. Sad isn’t it?

In my second year, Dr Evans started lecturing us in some of the subjects and truthfully, I walked out of his first lesson because I wasn’t comfortable about his delivery and general embracing of his lifestyle. He taught subjects of sexuality in context of nursing care and I didn’t find it funny because of my predisposition.

Nevertheless, as I listened to subsequent lectures and how he had the ability to challenge the ‘norms’ whilst challenging us to think and apply our 6c’s in our field regardless of peoples background and sexuality. I realised that I could only be a better person and a nurse if I learned to apply the lessons we were being taught. It wasn’t only about the content of his subject but his personality. Dr Evans made time for our Cohort and was very helpful to anyone who needed his support.

Personally, I had a paradigm shift in my thinking and since meeting Dr Evans, I have managed to provide unbiased care to all patients, had good healthy conversations with my classmates who belonged to the LGBT society in Uni.  Dr Evans kindness and personality broke down my social and religious barriers towards gay and lesbian people and I now feel ready to face the world as a fully qualified (academically and psychologically) staff nurse in any walk of life that I will find my self.  I consider it a privilege that I had this encounter while I was still a student at Greenwich University because I would have probably had a rough time as a nurse if he hadn’t been one of our lecturers. So I nominate Dr Evans. Win or win 🙂  he has been a blessing to my career.

Yours truly,


 Copy of Chancellor's dinner 2016

With John.PNG

Missing the All Party Parliamentary Group meeting

On the evening of the Chancellor’s Dinner, I had been due to attend a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health, at the Palace of Westminster, House of Lords.  I have missed only two or three of these meetings in a number of years, so sent my apologies before hand.  Baroness Gould, the co-chair, replied with this wonderful message:

Baroness Gould's letter

As teachers in higher education – guides, facilitating learning – we are so amazingly privileged to be able to walk part of life’s journey with so many other people.  If, because of our presence, they change their direction in life, and en route make the world a better place – one person at a time – then our work is bliss beyond all belief!    

Transformative education – through the therapeutic use of self

 David - 19 July 2016

Full moon over Greenwich and Shooters Hill

19 July 2016

19 July 2016 - 27

 Other Awards:

National Teaching Fellowship (2014)

Co-finalist, UK Sexual Health Awards (2012)

David’s Qualifications

Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA, 2018)

Officer of The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE, 2017)

National Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2014)

Professional Doctorate in Education (2011) University of Greenwich.  Thesis, “Sexual health matters! Learning for life: mapping client need and professional sexual health education for nurses in England

Master of Philosophy by research (Social Science) (1998) University of Wales College of Cardiff

Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Research Methods (1995) Thames Valley University

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Health Professions) (1995) University of Greenwich, with Qualified Teacher Status,  Department for Education & Registered Nurse Teacher, Nursing and Midwifery Council ( – ongoing)

Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling (1990) Roehampton Institute of HE

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (Theology) (1984-1985) University of Kent at Canterbury Ecclesiastical studies, Order of Friars Minor, Canterbury (1979-1984) & St Mary’s College, Oscott, Sutton Coldfield (1985-1986) 

SRN badge   WGSoN badge

State Registered Nurse (1976-1979) West Glamorgan School of Nursing, Neath (Nursing and Midwifery council – ongoing)

Diploma in Orthopædic Nursing (with honours) (1974-1976) Prince of Wales’ Hospital, Rhyd-Lafar

PoW Rhyd-lafar badge      DipON badge

Short courses:

MPhil / PhD foundation, LSE Gender Institute, The London School of Economics and Political Science (1999-2001)

ENB 276 (Part 1) The Care and Management of People with Sexually Transmitted Infections, Thames Valley University (1995)

ENB 998 Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice, (1990)

Certificate in HIV / AIDS Counselling, Terrence Higgins Trust (1990)

ENB 934 The Care and Management of People with HIV and AIDS, English National Board for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting (1990)


David’s Conference Presentations

Conference Presentations

August 2018

RCN School Nurses’ Conference, #SN18

Keynote Presentation: “Sexual Health Matters: What every school nurse needs to know”

July 2018

Medway Children’s and Young People’s Conference

Presentation: “Gender(s), Sexualities and Identities”

March 2018

St Francis Hospice Annual Conference for Hospice and Community Workers, Hertfordshire

Presentation: “Breaking taboos: God, Sex, Death and Dying” Live video:

March 2018

Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust 1st Annual Safeguarding Conference

Presentation: “Sex, Gender and Safeguarding”

January 2018

University of Greenwich annual teaching, learning and assessment conference

Presentation: “Out In the Academy: andragogic mainstreaming of sex~ for university life, health and well-being”

Live podcast:

June 2017

23rd World Association for Sexual Health Congress, Prague, Czech Republic

Presentation: “No health without sexual health; no education without sexual health education!”

November 2016

22nd Regional Sexual health Conference, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Keynote presentation: “LGB&T+ People’s resilience in Northern Ireland”

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.15516.13446

Live video recording:

March 2016

10th Annual Symposium of the Association of National Teaching Fellows, Birmingham, UK

Conference theme: PLAY (

Workshop presentation: “Everything you always wanted to know about sex* – * but were afraid to ask”. (Post-workshop blog and live video presentation at:

November 2015

4th National Conference for Sexual Health Providers, Nyborg, Denmark

Sexual Health and Wellbeing for Everyone

Lead presentation: “Sexual Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits – take centre stage!”

Workshop: “Flick it with a pencil!  Sexual health learning and education for health care professionals”

(Video recordings of these sessions available here:

October 2015

Being ExPLISSIT in SRE Conference, Malta,

The keynote address: Getting ExPLISSIT with SRE in the Malta Islands

Workshops x 2: Sexual Health Matters! For #ExPLISSITmalta Head teachers

(Live video of main session available here:

July 2015

School Nurses International Conference (#SNIC15), Greenwich UK,

A World of Opportunity: international perspectives on maximising children and young people’s health through school nursing services.

Keynote: Sexual health matters! Ex-PLISSITLY improving body, mind and soul health

(Live video of session available here:

April 2015

The Guardian Healthcare Network: How can the healthcare sector and staff best use e-learning? Live discussion (two hour on-line simultaneous debate at and Twitter)

Contribution: Expert panel member

March 2015

All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, Palace of Westminster, Hourse of Lords, UK

Educating Healthcare Professionals in Sexual Health

Panel Presenter: Sexual health matters for nurses: meeting client needs through professional and multi-disciplinary education and training

July 2014

Public Health England / Department of Health: Personalised Care and Population Health Conference

MasterClass: Sexual health – at the heart of it all

May 2014

3rd Sexual Health Conference for General Practice & Primary Care, Getting into Practice: Improving the sexual health of our patients (Brent, London)

Keynote: Sexual Health Matters! Holistic care isn’t holistic without sex

March 2014

Institute of PsychoSexual Medicine Conference, “IPM Future Directions”,  Leicester

Keynote: Collaborative Learning and Education for Multi-Professional Practitioners

March 2014

RCN Public Health Forum conference “Contacts that count”, University of Warwick

Parallel session presentation: Sexual Health and HIV: from Novice to Expert – leading through excellence

June 2013

Genito-Urinary Nurses’ Association – Annual Conference, London

Main Plenary Presentation: Improving outcomes for male engagement with genito-urinary services

May 2013

Association of PsychoSexual Nursing Conference, London

Main Plenary Presentation: Men might be from Mars but are they also the elephant in the room: considering outcomes from poor male engagement with sexual health

September 2012

8th National LGBT Health Summit, University of Kent, Canterbury,

Workshop: Queer resilience or resilient Queers? Finding from a review of LGBTQ/q youth resilience literature study

May 2012

2nd Sexual Health Research and Practice Development Conference, University of Greenwich

Workshop co-presenter: Queer resilience or resilient Queers?

November 2010

1st Sexual Health Research and Practice Development Conference University of Greenwich

Workshop: Pleasure: naughty but nice? Using the ars erotica to promote sexual health & well-being

February 2009

Royal College of General Practitioners Conference, Manchester

2 workshops: From boys to men: engaging and working with half of the population’s sexual health in primary care

June 2008

RCN Practice Nurses’ Association Annual Conference, Cardiff

Plenary session: Sexual Health Issues for gay males and lesbian females

April 2008

1st European HIV Nursing Network Conference, Warsaw, Poland

Plenary session: HIV Care Issues across Europe: perspectives from the western region

October 2007

17th Derbyshire Practice Nurses Conference

Plenary session: Sexual health matters! for practice nurses

September 2007

RCN Travel Health Annual Conference, London

Plenary session: The sexual health of travellers

June 2007

RCN Sexual Health Forum Annual Conference, RCPhyscians, London

Plenary session: After three glorious years … the RCN Sexual Health Skills course

April 2007

Royal College of Nursing Congress, Harrogate

Fringe event: HIV antibody testing: giving a positive result (co-presented with Ros Delaney and Su Everett)

Fringe event: Sexual Health Nursing in the new health age (co-presented with Ros Delaney)

July 2006

Practice Nurse Conference, St Albans, Herts

Plenary presentation: Life is sexually transmitted! Sexual health issues for Practice Nurses

April 2006

Westminster Briefing Conference, London

Plenary presentation: Sexual Health and Young People: Are Teenage Pregnancy Strategies and Advice Services Working?

January 2006

Department of Health Conference: Achieving Excellence in Sexual Health Training, Gateshead

Plenary presentation and Workshop: RCN Sexual Health Skills course

November 2005

Department of Health Conference: Achieving Excellence in Sexual Health Training, Taunton

Plenary presentation and Workshop: RCN Sexual Health Skills course

September 2005

Director Nursing Services (Royal Air Force) Conference, RAF Coningsby

Opening Presentation: Royal Air Force Nursing and Sexual Health

July 2005

Department of Health Conference: Achieving Excellence in Sexual Health Training, Sheffield

Plenary presentation and Workshop: RCN Sexual Health Skills course

June 2005

Nursing in Practice Conference, Manchester

Presentation: Sexual Health and Teenage Pregnancy

May 2005

International Council of Nurses Congress, Taipei, Taiwan

Workshop presentation: Anti-(HIV)Stigma campaign: strategies to combat stigma and create stigma-free health services

Research Network presentation: HIV in a “man’s world”: male sexual health and nursing research

April 2005

Department of Health Conference: Achieving Excellence in Sexual Health Training, London

Plenary presentation and Workshop: RCN Sexual Health Skills course

November 2004

Nursing in Practice Conference, Birmingham

Presentation contra Dr Trevor Stammers: Teenage Sexual Health

September 2004

Nursing in Practice Conference, London

Presentation: HIV, Sexual Health and Men

Oct 2004

Royal College of Nursing Men’s Health Conference, London

Presentation: Primary Care – men and sexual health

April 2004

Nursing in Practice Conference, Edinburgh

Presentation: Sexual Health

March 2004

RCN Healthy Nurse’s Conference, London

Presentation: Nursing Men: Male health

September 2003

9th Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research International Conference, University of Oxford

Presentation: Why sexuality is still a problem for mental health research(ers)

Sep, Oct 2003 & February 2004

Nursing in Practice Conference, London, Birmingham and Manchester

Presentation: Men’s Sexual Health

June 2003

Defence Medical Welfare Service Conference, Lübekke, Germany

Presentation: Sexual Health Strategies and welfare personnel

June 2003

Capita Conference, Department of Health, London,

Sexual Health Services – Improving service and delivery

Plenary Presentation: The Role of the Nurse

March 2003

Royal College of General Practitioners / Department of Health

Education for Sexual Health, Contraception and Primary Care

Plenary Presentation: Current initiatives and developments in practice nurse education – integrating sexual health

March 2003

RCN School Nurses Forum and Professional Association of Nursery Nurses

Work shop: Sex and relationship education – considering the needs of children with chronic and complex care needs

March 2003

Positively Passionate Conference – the role of sexuality, romance and parenthood – addressing the aspirations of people with mental health problems, London

Plenary presentation: Why sex is a problem for M.H. workers: freeing the profession from fear and taboo

October 2002

European Association for Nurses in AIDS Care / RCN, Manchester

Plenary presentation: Sexual Health Skills for Nurses – a distance learning programme for the development of practice and life-long learning

October 2002

Capita Conference, Department of Health, London

Promoting and Developing Sexual Health Services

Plenary presentation: The Nurses’ Role in implementing the Strategy

June 2001

RCN Sexual Health Forum Conference, London

Homophobia in healthcare: is this ‘social exclusion from Human Rights?’

May 2001

Royal College of Nursing Congress, Harrogate

Presentation: The Sexual Health Strategy for Learners (RCN Association of Student Nurses)

Presentation: Sex, Sexualities and Teenage Angst (Primary Care Nurses

April 2000

Evidence Based Public Health Seminars, Department of Health

Conference Presentation: Homophobia in Evidence Based Practice

October 1999

European Association for Nurses in AIDS Care Conference, Malta

Keynote Presentation: Are we prepared for the future? (Adapted from MPhil research findings) ‘The Psychic Shadows of HIV and AIDS: and the role of social representations in post registration nurse education’

September 1999

RCN / 5th Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research International Conference

University of Oxford: ‘Evidence for the Future’

Conference Presentation: Homophobia in Mental Health Services

June 1999

Rotherham Regional Conference

Outward Bound: Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Issues in Mental Health

Conference Presentation: Diagnosis: Homophobic (PACE research report)

Workshop: Long-term Intervention – challenging underlying causes

February 1999

RCN / HIV Nursing Society National Conference, London

Challenges for the New Millennium: HIV and Sexual Health Issues

Symposium: Sexual Health and HIV Education in Nursing and Midwifery

Symposium: Social Representations of HIV and AIDS

1 December 1998

University of Hertfordshire 2nd Regional Conference on HIV, AIDS and Sexual Health,

Plenary Presentation: The Psychic Shadows of HIV and AIDS: and the role of social representations in post registration nurse education

October  1995

First Arabian Gulf International Conference on HIV and AIDS

Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain / The British Council

October – November 1995

First Arabian Gulf International Seminar on HIV and AIDS

Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain (The British Council)

September 1995

British Council International Seminar on HIV and AIDS

Wolfson Institute of Health Sciences, Thames Valley University, London

May 1993

British Council International Seminar on HIV and AIDS (London)

David’s Professional and Academic Publications


On-going reviewer for: the Journal of Advanced Nursing; Journal of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare; Journal of Sexual Medicine; Journal of Mental Health. New reviewer for Journal of Research in Nursing (2015-); Ethnicity and Health Journal (2017-); HIV Medicine (2018-).

You can access / request many of my publications from:



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